Wednesday, 21 November 2007

First Picture Post!

Here's some old marker illustrations to get this page more visual.


Most of the stuff I've been drawing and animating lately has been for Dinamo Productions, so I can't post it yet, but hopefully I can soon!


Ash Collins said...

oi brian nice werk fudgemuppet. im gonna link you now so link me DAMMIT YOU FESTERING BUFFOON

luv yew

Kei Phillips said...

awesome work, im glad i found ur blog... more like ash sent it to me lol but yeah really cool work, i'll be sure to link you on my page!! :D

Krystal said...

Curse you and your amazing marker skills!

Also, tits.

Crips Pink said...

So, thats what passes for drawrin in ferrin place were you are is it... well its nice Ryan, i loves it, and them tits are fab innit