Saturday, 5 January 2008

Let the caricatures begin!

Ok, completely bypassing December and straight into January... Here's two caricatures of two highly respectable citizens that just happen to work with me. Ben is wearing a hat from his Christmas cracker. Jon is wearing an eyepatch from his Christmas cracker and he is also not wearing any underwear. I was wearing a pencil.

Merry January everyone.


Krystal said...

Hooray, postings!

I can confirm that they both resemble the people you were attempting to draw, and also happen to be a funny portrayal of aformentioned people.

Therefore caricatures = success!

Lol @ Ben's expression

Crips Pink said...

Awesom Ryan, they do look exactly like Charles and Adam the benevolent trust fund twins, i look forward to engorging myself further on your art in future

Ash Collins said...

holy crap that pic of Ben is amazing! lookit his eyebrows!!!!