Monday, 19 November 2007


Right, ok,
I have to admit that only portions of the following paragraph will be true. The majority of it is written mainly for my amusement and secondly to seem very funny and witty to the hundreds of thousands of blog readers that will grace this very page with their itchy red eyes, haha. Lol........ no lol. Don't ever write lol.

It says over there, to the right that I am an animator and illustrator and therefore I should probably begin by posting an amazing display of draftsmanship that would send every viewer's claw-like mouse hand hovering over said image and frantically right clicking and saving to their harddrive. HOWEVER, I am currently on somebody else's PC (a laptop no less) and evidently have no artwork available to post at this time. I am also running quite quikerllelely downhill as I being chased on foot by the very mountain-hut dwelling unfortunate that I stole this laptop from. God bless you for delivering Hewlett-Packard media-laptops and other fantastic technology worldwide to such remote, jungle covered, tribe infested places as this; Cwmaman, heart of the South Wales valleys, boyo bach.

It also says over yonder that I'm a musician. I use this term only as an excuse for my collection of 80's Casio keyboards that are beginning to clutter up my room. They bring phat beats.


Musically, when I'm not on the little keyboards playing the dunnuh-dunnuh-dunnuh melody from the underground levels of Super Mario 1 (and feeling quite smug about it), I find myself playing the guitar. In fact, I played a live acoustic set on Saturday at the Mount Pleasant in Trecynon, Aberdare with Ms Julia Coles (fantastic singer, crap juggler) as an opener for Jam With Robina. With that in mind, I'm going to leave this wordy post with two links to MP3s of myself and Julia doing some cover songs:


Crazy (Gnarls Barkley)

Vertigo (U2)


Crips Pink said...

OOOH Ryan, for this is a lovelly page of rantings and ravings of mad men from the black country and the misty mist filled darkness of damp caves were the healed eyed lizard people dwell. A brave page of letters and words, i say brave as it shal be smitten thus that you speak LIES, love u and your furmness... LATERS, i'm off to add a link to your page from my page, its like turning a page only LECTRONIC

Ash Collins said...

bout time you got blogging. i would like to listen to your mewsic, but seeing as you chose to cover to of the WORST SONGS IN EXISTENCE, I shan't.