Sunday, 8 March 2009

Michael Palin caricature

I love Monty Python. I believe it was on a Wednesday night after cub scouts I'd pick up a bag of chips and watch comedy that was totally different to anything else that was around at the time, or indeed following that. What I'd be really interested to see is a DVD/Blu-ray compilation of all the animations that Terry Gilliam made for the series, that would make me laugh so much that I'd have to watch some contemporary comedy just to calm me down. Easy now...

Anyways, here's a caricature of Michael Palin. I'd love to sit in a room with this guy and have him just talk to me for hours about his multitude of lifetime experiences he has gained pre-Python, during Python, Ripping Yarns and all his travelling around the world. Mr Palin, in the unlikely event that you'd ever read this, here's an invitation for a cuppa.

I've been told my tea making skills is second to none.

I really have to cut down on the caffeine.

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Ash Collins said...

haha cub scouts. i was a loser too :p

what a good drawring you done!