Friday, 24 October 2008

FLASH GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!


In true Sylar from Heroes style, I cut off the top of the head of an ActionScripter and learnt his abilites. As a result, I've been dabbling in the world of programming and making games!

True... true...

Well, apart from the head slicing bit.

Here's my firts finished game. It's a simple thing designed at training your ability to keep track of the order of things. OK, actually I completely ripped off the idea for this from a documentary about comparing the human brain to that of the ape. There was this incredible test involving a chimp (or was it a banobo?) and a touch screen computer. A sequence of numbers would appear on the screen one at a time. When the last number appears they all turned into marks, then the chimp would touch each mark in the order the number appeared. What was facinating about this was not only was the ape able to do this task, but it was able to keep in his memory a vast sequence of numbers and touch the screen at a blinding speed!

I've jazzed the whole idea of the program up (their program had white digits on a black screen), done away with a timer that I originally had (it was too pressuring) and limited the maximum amount of numbers to 20. Most people without any system in place will probably manage about 7 as the human short term memory can only handle on average 7 'chunks' of information.

Enjoy. I'm making more!


Ash Collins said...


1) ah crap, i was at a flash games company for two months and learned nothing of actionscript!

2) a bonobo is a species of chimp!

3) your game looks nicely presented but half of it is missing! (I'm guessing due to the limit of the blog template size)

also: nice to see you on blog again!

Ryan Neal - said...

Half missing?! Ah poop! I shall try and fix that!!